Last year we shared our top 15 most asked questions about ceremonial cacao, but you guys just can't seem to get enough of the juicy info around this amazing elixir. And we love sharing our knowledge.

Below, you can find our Ceremonial Cacao FAQ version 2.0 with more questions! 


  1.  Who should not drink Ceremonial Cacao:
    While ceremonial cacao is generally safe for consumption, it contains caffeine and theobromine, so individuals sensitive to these stimulants should exercise caution and start on a lower dose (15g) to see how your body handles it. Additionally, those taking Those on MAIO antidepressants should not consume cacao.


  2. Can you drink ceremonial cacao every day?
    Yes, you can incorporate ceremonial cacao into your daily routine. If you are sensitive to stimulants, we recommend starting on a lower dosage.

  3. How long does ceremonial cacao take to work? The effects of ceremonial cacao vary from person to person, typically manifesting within 20 to 40 minutes after consumption. Factors such as metabolism and individual sensitivity can influence the onset of effects.

  4. Is ceremonial cacao better in the morning or evening? Ceremonial cacao can be enjoyed in the morning or evening, depending on your preferences and intentions. Morning ceremonies may offer a gentle energising effect, while evening ceremonies can support relaxation and introspection. Keep in mind that those sensitive to caffeine may prefer to have their last cup of ceremonial cacao mid-afternoon to avoid being kept awake.

  5. What to wear to a cacao ceremony? Wear comfortable clothing that allows for ease of movement and promotes a sense of relaxation. Many participants opt for loose-fitting, breathable attire to enhance their ceremonial experience. Alternatively, comfy activewear is an easy go-to.

  6. Where to buy ceremonial cacao? Curious about where to find high-quality ceremonial cacao? Discover our Grounded Cup offerings, available for online ordering with Australia-wide postage or convenient click-and-collect from our Melbourne location.

There you have it our latest top 6 questions around Ceremonial Cacao, if we havent covered any of your questions pelase get in touch and we will do our best to help!


Please note that the answers provided here are general, and it's always recommended to consult with healthcare professionals, follow recommended guidelines, and consider individual circumstances when using ceremonial cacao. For more detailed recipes and personalised recommendations, we encourage you to visit our recipe blog and seek professional advice when needed.