Grounded Cup Reviews

Discover the heart and soul of Grounded Cup and the transformative power of our ceremonial cacao.
Dive into testimonials that capture the genuine impact our products have on those embracing mindfulness, connection, and well-being.
"Honestly the best cacao I’ve ever had 👏 I loved how even the packaging includes a link of a video to make. Grounded Cup is my favourite part of my daily rituals now ✨ great service and amazing quality"

- Samantha via Google Reviews
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"I wouldn't usually try something like this for my pms, but ceremonial-cacao was a game changer. Within about 20 mins, I felt my cramps ease, my fatigue disappear, and a sense of calmness. I love that it's 100% natural and highly recommend giving it a go."
- Lana Melbourne

"I love their ceremonial cacao, its delicious and is really good quality compared to some that I have tried. They incorporate the history and ancient traditions into their content which is super helpful. Thanks guys :)"
- Erin, Queensland

"My family and I have been drinking the cacao for a month now. We have replaced our morning coffee with the cacao. We also have it just before bed at night. The improvements are immense We feel calm and have brain clarity, we sleep so brilliantly at night, we feel energised, our skin is glowing. I usually have Vitamin B12 injections for my anaemia, since drinking the cacao I have not needed my iron supplements. It is so so delicious and we have an overall feeling of wellness, we are so thrilled with this amazing products. We have tried others but they are not as pure and beneficial! From a very very satisfied customer. 🙏"
- Collette via Product Page