Coffee & ceremonial grade cacao - FAQ.

Ceremonial Cacao FAQ.

Put simply, Ceremonial Grade Cacao is a sacred plant medicine from Peru well known for its heart-opening bliss-inducing qualities. Served as a hot drink. Read more here.
For first time users we suggest starting with a lower dose of 10-15g with 150-200mls of hot water; and for ceremonial doses between 35-40g in 200-250mls of hot water.

You can slowly work your way up to a larger dose if this is your first time consuming cacao.
If you would like a creamier texture you can add part water, part plant based milks such as Almond, Oat or Coconut Milk. Remember to whisk your cacao on stove with the milk and water.

To ensure your recipe is kept sacred and in honour of Pachamama (Mother Earth) it is highly recommended that you avoid animal milks when consuming.
If you're finding cacao is too raw or bitter for your palette you can sweeteners or spices to your liking, some suggestions are: Cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, cayenne, coconut sugar, raw sugar or honey.
Cacao is a natural food with a wide range of health benefits.

Cacao can help enhance cognitive function, boost mental health and reduce oxidative stress with antioxidants. It supports cardiovascular health, metabolic health, and mediates the natural inflammatory response.

Cacao can also boost one’s energy levels, strengthen bone and skin health, and even reduce the risk of cancer. It also contains many essential minerals for overall health, such as magnesium, calcium, and iron. The broad array of bio-actives makes it a complete healthy superfood for long-term wellbeing and happiness.

Read more about the benefits of Ceremonial-Grade Cacao here.
We recommend you speak with your trusted healthcare professional for all medication in conjunction with cacao related questions, below is a general guide only.

For anyone taking antidepressants and 5HTP it is generally safe to consumer a 15-20g dose of cacao, we still recommend speaking with your health care professional if there are any concerns.

Those on MAIO antidepressants should not consume cacao. Cacao should be avoided entirely when using the MAOI class of antidepressants due to the levels of tyramine in cacao. MAOI prevents the breakdown of tyramine, which causes levels to spike. As tyramine plays a role in blood pressure regulation, it can cause blood pressure to rapidly rise to dangerous levels. This is known as the ‘cheese effect’ as cheeses contain high levels of tyramine (higher than those in cacao). Fortunately MAOI based antidepressants are first generation antidepressants and are less common these days. People taking them are on a restricted diet that includes limiting or avoiding chocolate, so they should know if they can consume or not. If unsure about your antidepressants please consult your doctor first before consuming cacao.

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding: Cacao is generally considered safe in pregnancy and during breastfeeding when taken in moderation. We recommend a serving size of 15-20g for those pregnant or breastfeeding.

For Heart Conditions, High Blood Pressure, Low Blood Pressure consult with a doctor before using cacao and also begin with a lower dose (15-20g).

For any Bleeding Disorders consult with a doctor prior to consumption if you have a bleeding disorder or are consuming any related medication.
Yes, Cacao is 100% Vegan.
Yes, Cacao is a completely natural product, with nothing added and nothing removed. This means the natural ingredients like fat can move around, so your cacao can have an array of brown colouring layers all throughout, sometimes leaving a marble like colour on top or through the centre.

Cacao is not always one solid brown looking colour like chocolate.

If your cacao has arrived and you are unsure if the appearance is ok, please get in touch and send us a photo to:
Cacao is non-perishable a room temperature, ideally room temperature should not be over 24 degrees. Simply store in a cool, dark place (away from windows) to avoid melting.

Coffee FAQ.

Specialty coffee is all about quality and traceability. It all start from the farm to the final cup being served at your local cafe. The whole supply chain work together to always produce and deliver high quality standards and excellence.

The Specialty Coffee Association defines any coffee that scores 80+ on their grading system, specialty coffee. It means that coffee has no primary defect that affect overall flavour profile of the cup.

At the farm level, the coffee producer focuses on picking the ripe cherries only and processing the cherries in the best possible way to avoid any defects. Then the specialty roaster do her/his best to preserve and highlight delicious and delicate flavours of such high quality coffees trough the roasting process. Then it comes down to the barista to pay the final care to brew the coffee according to the SCA brewing standards and protocols to serve the coffee.
Coffee is naturally gluten-free.
A dark, dry and cool space is the best place to keep your coffee. Make sure you get rid of excess air before you wrap the bag after use.

If you’d like to keep your open coffee for longer than two weeks without quality loss, you can vacuum seal your coffee and keep it in the freezer below -15C for more than 6 months.

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