Our Story

Where it all began.
Hey there, it's Toni-Marie, Co-founder of Grounded Cup, a Melbourne, Australia based business for the best Ceremonial Cacao and coffee around.

In all transparency, writing this story has been quite a journey – around ten drafts deep, to be exact. It's not always easy articulating your passion and why you started something. But let me try.

Something to know about me is that the entrepreneurial spirit has always been a part of me. After running my own digital agency for about five years, I parted ways with it in 2020, seeking something new and something I was genuinely passionate about.

Then during Melbourne's infamous lockdown, Ceremonial Cacao, a profound plant medicine, became a guiding light for me, reconnecting me to communities and myself in moments of feeling stuck and isolated.

A few years later, after a weekend away with friends, the idea struck. I couldn't shake it off – I wanted to share cacao. I started studying the ancient Peruvian traditions of cacao to deepen my respect and understanding of this medicine.
Grounded Cup was launched.
Soon my idea developed, and my brother, Rob, joined in, and together we decided to invest further in a coffee van to showcase how easy it is to incorporate cacao into our lives alongside another beloved beverage.

Life, however, threw its challenges at us. The unexpected loss of my job in 2022 was a hurdle we had to overcome just as we poured all our savings and passion into our new venture. Yet, adversity presented an opportunity, a blessing in disguise. We approached the setback with renewed determination.

Our mission extends beyond serving delectable and nourishing beverages. We aim to take you on a sensory journey, offering insights into the rich history and meticulous processes behind each offering. Above all, we aspire to foster connections within our communities and help others discover the grounding power within themselves.

Here we are, 12 months into Grounded Cup's story. We've worked relentlessly, securing our regular spot at Gleadell St Market in Richmond, Melbourne, Australia every Saturday. Our online community is growing every day as we share our cacao across Australia. We've headed to large festivals, hosted intimate cacao ceremonies, and collaborated with yoga studios and renowned wellness figures. We cannot wait to continue sharing all this goodness with you and infusing more moments of grounding and joy into your lives.

Melbourne Coffee & Cacao Van.
Elevate your spirits, ground your soul—because sometimes, a sip is all it takes to find your centre.
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