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Ceremonial-grade Cacao, Blue Lotus & Coffee. Melbourne based, shipping Australia wide.

Ceremonial Grade Cacao Range.

Welcome to our Melbourne-based sanctuary of high vibrational Ceremonial-Grade Cacao - a thoughtfully sourced blend of 100% organic, single-origin, rare indigenous Peruvian ceremonial grade cacao with potent and unique therapeutic properties. Our cacao is carefully selected for its authenticity and purity, making it the perfect companion for meditation, connection, awakening, and daily use to help you feel present, improve mental health, and achieve mind-body-spirit balance.


Learn about the world of Ceremonial-Grade Grade Cacao & Blue Lotus!
Discover Blue Lotus

Introducing Blue Lotus Tea (Nymphaea Caerulea) to our offerings — an Ancient Egyptian botanical treasure.

Revered for centuries, the Blue Lotus is said to induce deep meditative energy, enhance third eye function, and offer an experience that can help enhance lucid dreaming. 🪷

Sourced from Sri Lanka in its whole, natural form, the Blue Lotus invites euphoria, a chance to gently decompress your nervous system, and an opportunity to foster relaxation for your body and mind.

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