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Bring the Magic of Ceremonial Cacao to Your Event

At Grounded Cup, we recognise the profound, transformative energy within ceremonial cacao, and we're dedicated to bringing this sacred experience to your gatherings. Whether you're curating a wellness day, launching a new product, or creating an intimate space at home, our Ceremonial Cacao Services are designed to infuse your events with a touch of magic and purpose. Our Cacao Ceremonies and events are based in Melbourne Australia. For interstate enquires please get in touch to discuss.
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Our Intimate Gatherings service brings the sacred essence of ceremonial cacao directly to your home, studio or venue of choice. Elevate your experience as we handle every detail – from meticulously preparing the cacao to guiding the ceremony. Embrace the magic of connection and grounding, perfect for transformative circles, heart-centered ceremonies, or crafting unforgettable memories during events like full moon gatherings, hens' celebrations, and friendship circles. Let us curate the magic while you immerse yourself in the sacred moment.

For gatherings of 4 to 40 people, we've got you covered with all the essentials – cushions, blankets, candles, and a beautiful altar to enhance your ceremonial experience.

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Ceremonial Cacao Stand:
Elevate Your Event Experience
Step into the realm of enchantment with our unique Ceremonial Cacao Stand—an immersive event activation designed for wellness events, weddings, birthdays, full moon parties, ecstatic dance events, and other special occasions. Elevate your experience as we serve up the warmth, flavor, and intention of ceremonial cacao, turning your event into a space of connection and mindful indulgence.

A minimum of 2m x 2m space with power supply is required for setup.
Cacao Van: For large scale outdoor events.
Embark on a journey of shared joy and connection with our Cacao Van—an exquisite addition to large-scale events. Tailored for festivals, spiritual gatherings, or any expansive outdoor occasion, our mobile cacao station is designed to infuse the atmosphere with warmth, flavour, and the intentional spirit of ceremonial cacao. Let the essence of shared bliss and mindful connection unfold, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of your attendees.

A minimum of 3m x3.5m space is require with trailer access.

Baked goods such as bliss balls, cookies and slices etc can also be catered for upon request.

Available for Melbourne, Australia events only.
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Inclusions for Your Ceremonial Cacao Experience:

For intimate gatherings with less than 40 people, ceramic cacao mugs are provided. For larger events exceeding 50 attendees, we use eco-friendly paper cups. Additional offerings for circles and gatherings can include a Circle Altar featuring natural elements like candles, crystals, feathers, and foliage, enhancing the ritualistic ambiance. We also introduce ancient tools such as molinillos and jicaras, infusing tradition into your ceremonial journey. Your Ceremonial Cacao Experience comes complete with a skilled cacao circle ceremonalist to guide you through the ceremony. We also provide any necessary wait staff, ensuring a seamless and immersive experience for you and your guests. All options can be tailored to your needs, enquire within for details.

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