Blue Lotus Tea 50G | Nymphaea Caerulea Flowers

Blue Lotus Tea 50G | Nymphaea Caerulea Flowers

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Embark on a journey of tranquillity with our Blue Lotus Tea, carefully crafted from the revered Blue Lotus flower (Nymphaea caerulea), also known as the blue Egyptian lotus, blue water lily, and sacred blue lily.

Sourced from the lush landscapes of Sri Lanka, indulge in the profound heritage of the Blue Lotus—a flower known for its associations with meditative energy, the potential to enhance the functioning of the third eye, and its reputation for inspiring lucid dreaming.

  • Promoting restful sleep
  • Enhancing Lucid dreams.
  • Supporting stress and anxiety reduction.
  • Aiding in opening the third eye.
  • Natural aphrodisiac qualities.

Ideal to integrate serenity into your bedtime routine, meditation sessions, or daily moments of mindfulness.

No artificial colours or flavours. 100% Natural Dried Whole Flowers - 50G.

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How to brew:

1. Heat water on the stovetop or kettle, ensuring it’s not at a rolling boil

2. Place 1-2 dried Blue Lotus flowers into a teapot or infuser.

3. Pour the hot water over the petals and let them steep for 5-7 minutes.

4. Strain the flowers and serve the tea.

5.Optional: Add a touch of honey or lemon.For extra effect, try infusing it with Ceremonial Cacao.

For extra affect, try infusing it with Ceremonial Cacao.

Instructions For Bath Soak:

Add whole Blue Lotus flowers to your bath for a calming atmosphere during a relaxing soak. The petals can be used as a gentle exfoliant. Before soaking, test a small patch on your skin for compatibility. Enjoy the tranquil experience!

Grounded Cup does not make any therapeutic claims to Blue Lotus this information is for educational purposes only.

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Absolutely love this tea!

Amazing quality, delicious, new favourite


Love this blue lotus flower tea! Makes me feel super calm and provides epic lucid dreaming abilities. Highly recommend and will purchase again.

Best Blue Lotus

Recently discovered Blue Lotus Tea. I love how this is in whole flower form. Drinking it weekly. Thank you.


Best quality Blue Lotus Tea I have tried. Love that it is from Sri Lanka and not China. You can see and taste the diff.

Magical Blue Lotus

It has a bold flavour at first but now I am drinking it regularly, I use it to dive deeper into meditation and find it magical.

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