Ceremonial Cacao + Blue Lotus Fusion.

Ceremonial Cacao + Blue Lotus Fusion.

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Elevate your ritual with our Ceremonial Cacao and Blue Lotus combo – a harmonious fusion for a transformative experience.

GC Ceremonial Cacao 250G:
Our cacao is from the Criollo variety grown in Amazon region of Peru. This 100% organic ceremonial-grade cacao is a superfood bursting with antioxidants, mood-enhancing compounds, and essential minerals like magnesium and iron. Immerse yourself in a heart-opening experience, enriched with theobromine, promoting improved blood flow and a deeper connection to the heart and soul.

Blue Lotus 50G Natural Flowers:
Experience the enchanting world of our 100% natural Blue Lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) – a revered flower with a rich history in ancient civilizations. Revered for its relaxing and euphoric properties, Blue Lotus can be enjoyed in various forms, from teas to infusions. It holds the potential to enhance meditation, encourage lucid dreaming, and elevate your overall sense of well-being.

Discover a delightful synergy that not only uplifts your senses but also offers a 10% saving when purchased together.

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Customer Reviews

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Sammy H

What a lovely combination. I order the ceremonial cacao often, love that you are now stocking blue lotus as well!


Beautiful packaging and makes rich creamy drink.

Lovely Duo

I loved adding the blue lotus to my cacao and I also make them indivitually depending how I am feeling. Nice duo. Quick postage. Thank you.

Blue Lotus and Cacao Recipe

In the realm of ancient plant medicines, few hold as much mystique and spiritual significance as the Blue Lotus flower and Ceremonial Cacao. Both revered for their ability to induce altered states of consciousness and enhance spiritual experiences, these botanicals have been integral parts of rituals and ceremonies across cultures for centuries.

Combining the sacred energies of Blue Lotus and ceremonial cacao creates a potent elixir that invites us to embark on a journey of spiritual awakening and inner exploration.

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