Single Original Coffee 250G

Single Original Coffee 250G

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Single Origin Coffee, whole beans in a handy 250 gram bag. Select from Espresso or Filter roast.

Indulge in our limited-time Seasonal Single Origin Coffee—a delightful offering crafted for the adventurous coffee enthusiast.

With each passing week or month, we introduce a new and distinct Single Origin Option, carefully selected based on the seasonality of the beans.

Explore unique flavour profiles and savour the opportunity to experiment with new tasting notes each time.

This weeks Seasonal Single Origin is:

  • Coffee origin: Nicaragua. Finca La Gloria, Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua
  • Tasting Notes:
    Orange Zest, Apricot, Malt, Earl Grey.
  • Varietal: Re Catuai
  • Cupping score avg: 86
  • Process: Washed.


Please ensure you select (below) how you would like your coffee, whole beans or ground. By default "whole beans" are selected unless you chose otherwise.

If unsure you can leave a note at check out with details about your coffee machine.

**If you select a ground option, please be aware that there can be a 2-3 business day delay for dispatch as we do all our grinding on Mondays and Wednesdays.




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Using an artisan roasting process designed to articulate and enhance the aroma and flavour and unique personality of a toiled harvest, our roasters understand the seasonality and complexities of specialty coffee that consistency remains a focus.

Working with local Richmond based roasters, we have partnered with a team who are passionate about and share our values, such as innovation, sustainability, education and community. Our roasters have have visited the Peruvian farms multiple times and has been deeply involved in teaching the local farmers how to process higher-quality micro-lots to help improve their community's economic situation. This is just one of the many reasons we have chosen to work with them.

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Sustainability and suppliers:

As a business we do what we can to lessen our footprint on this earth.

Our sustainability efforts are not forgotten when choosing our partners and suppliers.

The roastery we work with runs on renewable electricity generated by solar power - to make use of a clean, renewable energy resource reducing their carbon footprint.

They have a continuous program of working with farmers to research, develop, share knowledge and processing techniques that help farming communities increase quality resulting in the opportunity to command higher remuneration for their product.

They are also registered with the Rainforest Alliance and buys RFA beans to support the efforts of this organisation towards environmental, social and economic sustainability. These efforts include significant efforts to curb deforestation, protect wildlife, manage waste and reduce use of agrochemicals on the path to coffee farm certification.

We, Grounded Cup and are roasters actively promote the use of reusable drink-ware in a continued push on the ‘War on Waste'. And we are working hard to eliminate all single use plastic from our business.

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