MOLINILLO Whisk – Traditional Ceremonial Cacao Whisk

MOLINILLO Whisk – Traditional Ceremonial Cacao Whisk

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The molinillo is an essential ancestral tool used to bring life to ceremonial cacao drinks.

Made uniquely by hand in Mexico by local Molinillo whisk maker, Juan and his family, no two are the same. Even the pattern and design on the molinillos are made using friction from pine wood which is completely natural and safe. 

“The spirit of cacao” is how ancient Mexican people call the foam (and bubbles) and emulsification of cacao paste in water.

They developed ways to connect with this spirit, one of them is through the molinillo stirrer – a magical tool that makes the spirit of cacao awaken and arise with your energetic intention extended from your hands into the solution of cacao.

The molinillo represents masculine energy, while the cacao vessel (your mug or jicara) represents the feminine and the process of whisking the cacao to create air represents the creation of life. Also, known as the “Spirit of Cacao”. 

The molinillo is an extension of you, it allows you to connect more deeply with your cacao and can create a creamy and energetic elixir full of powerful heart opening properties.

  • 15cm long, ideal for single cups. Length may vary between 12-16cm due to the handmade nature.

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Meet the Maker

These beautiful molinilos are crafted by Juan and his family, they have been crafting the traditional ceremonial Cacao whisks for five generations with Juan’s sons also adopting the craft to continue the lineage.

Juan has dedicated his life to continuing the ancient tradition of the Molinillo and Ceremonial Cacao and we’re grateful to him and his family and to be able to support his beautiful work by selling this unique cacao whisks.