Gifts for Wellness and Spirituality Enthusiasts: Ideas for Every Budget

If you're seeking a gift for a friend, colleague, or loved one who embraces wellness and spirituality, it can sometimes be challenging to find something that's both unique and thoughtful. To make your search easier, we have put together a curated list of ideas for you. These products will not only support their journey but also appeal to those who appreciate sustainability and ethically sourced products. Whether they are into meditation, yoga, self-care rituals, or connecting with ancient practices, here are some thoughtful gift ideas using our products that cater to various price ranges.

Ceremonial Cacao ($34.95 - $69.95)

Ideal for: The Heart-Opener and Soul Seeker

For those who cherish moments of self-discovery and spiritual connection, our sustainably sourced Ceremonial Cacao from Northern Peru is the perfect gift. This 100% organic Criollo variety cacao is rich in antioxidants, mood-enhancing compounds, and essential minerals like magnesium and iron, making it a nourishing superfood for both body and spirit. Whether they're delving into meditation, seeking a caffeine alternative to coffee, or enhancing their morning ritual, this cacao is the perfect companion. Enhance their experience with a Jicara, also known as the traditional cacao drinking cup, for an authentic ritual.


Incense Sticks ($6.95)

Ideal for: The Calm Creator 

Perfect for someone who loves creating a peaceful and cozy environment at home, our Mother’s India Nagchampa Fragrances incense sticks are a wonderful addition to any relaxation routine. Made with a wide range of aromatic gums, resins, wood powders including sandalwood powder, essential oils, and perfumes, these incense sticks help in crafting a serene atmosphere. This affordable gift is great for those on a budget or anyone wanting to give a small yet meaningful present.

Blue Lotus Tea ($45.95)

Ideal for: The Dreamer and Meditator

For those who are deeply into meditation practices and exploring the realms of visual and lucid dreaming, our Blue Lotus Tea is an exceptional gift. Sourced from the lush landscapes of Sri Lanka, this tea is crafted from the revered Blue Lotus flower, known for promoting restful sleep, enhancing lucid dreams, supporting stress and anxiety reduction, and aiding in opening the third eye. It’s a beautiful gift to integrate serenity into bedtime routines, meditation sessions, or daily moments of mindfulness.

Our Blue Lotus Tea can be purchased with Ceremonial Cacao in our Fusion Combo, where you save 10% when bought together.

Blue Lotus Oil ($59.95)

Ideal for: Those who Embrace Self-Care Rituals and Aromatic Bliss

Handcrafted in small batches in Melbourne, our Blue Lotus Oil blends the enchanting essence of Blue Lotus flowers from Sri Lanka with 100% Pure Cold-Pressed Moringa Oil. This oil is perfect for someone who appreciates the blend of spiritual practices with skincare and aromatherapy. It evokes a gentle euphoria, induces a dream-like state, provides emotional grounding, and enhances skincare routines. It’s a versatile gift that nurtures both the skin and the spirit.


Each of these gifts not only supports wellness and spirituality but also shows a thoughtful understanding of the recipient’s personal journey and practices. Whether for a special occasion or just to show appreciation, these products offer meaningful and cherished gifts for any wellness enthusiast.

Don't forget we also offer a gift wrapping service that can include a personalised note, ensuring your gift is as unique and heartfelt as the person receiving it!