Jicara | Traditional Cacao Drinking Cup Mug

Jicara | Traditional Cacao Drinking Cup Mug

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Jicaras are traditional cacao mugs or serving vessels.

These beautiful Jícaras come from the region of Baja Verapaz. They are 100% hand made by a local family, in Rabinal in Guatemala who has been working in the production of jícaras for decades. They are 100% natural from the tree, dried, and hand painted. 

It represents the feminine energy of cacao and the womb, while cacao symbolises the blood of life. The molinillo, or cacao whisk, represents masculine energy. Together, they create new life as the cacao is whisked and begins to foam, symbolising the breath of life and the air element.

The jicara is a beautiful and meaningful addition to any cacao ceremony or daily ritual.

Due to the handmade nature and this product being fruit from the tree, sizes and shape may vary.

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Jícaras are the traditional Mayan cacao drinking cups! The Popol Wuj (sacred book of the Mayans) tells the story of Junajpu and Ixbalanque, who are known as the Elders that teach us how to overcome the trials of Xib'alb'a (the Mayan underworld which represents our own darkness). They go through a journey of defeating the trials that life brings and overcoming the parts of us that don't serve our purpose in life. They teach us about consciousness, determination, and strength. After succeeding at overcoming the trials of darkness, the twins turn into Jícaras, which is a form of squash that grows on a sacred tree. or millennia, the Mayans have emptied the squash and used it to drink their medicines, such as cacao. The cup itself is connected to healing purposes, so drinking cacao medicine from it only intensifies its effects, and bring even more healing.

You can choose any mix of designs from the two we have available. These Jícaras from Rabinal in Guatemala are 100% natural from the tree, dried, and hand painted.

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jicara cup

well packaged, fast delivery thanks

Makes drinking Cacao so much more special

This Jircara is beautiful to drink from, obsessed

Beautiful Jicara

These Jicaras are so sweet and a rare find. The etching and natural feel is devine.


I love the story behind these Jicaras. Use them in my cacao ceremonies. Good quality and fast postage. Thank you so much.

Crafted by hand

Our cacao drinking cups are 100% handmade - we pride ourselves in the fact we source truly artisanal Jicaras that do not go through industrial processes!

A mother, her daughter, and other members of the family gather the jícaras from the trees, empty them, dry them in the sun, and make these beautiful designs all by hand. By buying this jícaras you are supporting this hardworking Guatemalan family, who have dedicated themselves to continue this tradition for many years, and are very excited to see thier cups starting to travel around the world.

Size & pattern/colour may not be exactly as presented in the images. Remember, jícaras are literally a squash taken from a tree, and this means the sizes will never be exact.